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“We just would like to share a few thoughts about the care, staff and facilities at Island City Assisted Living. Our dad has now been a resident there for 7 years. Like most people we were certain when we moved him from his home of 65 years that it would be the end of him to  live in a facility. We can’t lie, the first two weeks he was there were very difficult, for him and for us,but here we are 7 years later and he doesn’t want to leave there, even to go out for lunch with us!!”

Jerry and Kris Haley – Part 1 of 4

“The staff knows him well, there is always someone around looking out for him, joking with him and getting him involved with all the activities, of which there are many! He has his favorites on the staff and never has any complaints about the staff. From what we personally have observed the staff is one of the best around!! They understand dementia well and know how to redirect, get things done and do it in a loving way. The staff is great at reminders,like showers and personal hygiene.”

Jerry and Kris Haley – Part 2 of 4

“There are many activities for the residents to participate in if they choose. It might be morning exercises, dominoes in the afternoon, bingo, a movie, happy hour or crafts. There are lots of visitors who bring entertainment with them, bands, square dancers, dogs, goats, even a miniature horse!! Every resident is encouraged to be a part of all the activities and everyone seems to enjoy all the fun!Meal time is a special time for all the residents, they sit at the table with friends and chat about the old days or what has been happening in their community, that’s what ICAL is, a community!There is no time to  be lonely, it’s such a busy place!! We appreciate how all of the residents look out for each other too!”

Jerry and Kris Haley – Part 3 of 4

“While any place away from home won’t be, can’t be perfect, Island City Assisted Living comes pretty darn close! We are thankful for the past 7 years of love, caring and support for our family, not just my dad, but his entire family. We are happy the move was not the end for dad, but rather a place where we know he is safe, loved and well cared for! Thanks Island City Assisted Living staff, ALL of you, the management team, the care staff, the kitchen staff, the cleaning crew and anyone we may have missed. We appreciate each and every one of you!”

Jerry and Kris Haley – Part 4 of 4