What is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is often thought of as a unique combination of housing, personalized services and health care designed to meet the needs of those who require assistance with the activities of daily living. At Island City Assisted Living, we further define it as, “Peace of Mind with a Hospital Connection” It is a place where seniors can get the care they need, while living in a safe environment and participating in the things they enjoy. Seniors are encouraged to be active and to interact with family and friends.

  • We offer cost-effective, quality care that is personalized for an individual’s needs.
  • We foster independence for each resident.
  • We treat each resident with dignity and respect.
  • We promote the individuality of each resident.
  • We allow residents a choice of care and lifestyle.
  • We protect each resident’s right to privacy.
  • We nurture the spirit of each resident.
  • We provide a safe, residential environment.
  • We make the assisted living residence a valuable community asset.
  • We involve family and friends, as appropriate, in care planning and implementation.